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Range vs. Range HH Review

Video by mythrilfox | Nov 13, 2014

Drew goes over several hands played against tough opponents with his hole cards covered until showdown in order to provide a better breakdown of each player's range based on position, board texture, and betting actions. Topics covered include balance, combating overbets, and range splitting.


hallynektar over 4 years ago
Nice to see more from it.

I would like to see something, where your visualizing your ranges in a Software. Just to see it atleast once for preflop and then for postflop your check calls, check folds, checkraises, betcalls, betfolds. I find for myself ist better to learn while seeing it.

You can do this Kind of Video as a quiz we try to put all your Hands into the possible lines and afterwards you are explaining your thoughts.

Anyway, well done!!
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mythrilfox over 4 years ago
thanks... i think some people learn better without having CREV there, but i'm with you on CREV being a huge help
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