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SCOOP $2,100 NLHE Cubed Part 5

Video by luckychewy | Oct 29, 2014

The field is on the final table bubble while Chewy discusses ICM implications, value ranges, and river bluffs when taking passive lines on the flop and turn.


allinali over 3 years ago
This is 7 months later than when you made this video, but at the hand at the 35min mark where ChipChucker overbet the river. You stated that you actually didn't like the overbet that much. Could you explain that further? Is it just because Blanconegro is gonna have more Ax than ChipChucker? Or is it because ChipChucker just has a lot more bluffs than 8x in his range? If that's the case, does that mean you believe he is just giving up too much when Blanconegro just doesn't fold his Ax?
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Commerecedonk11 over 3 years ago
CHEWY great video series!!!! how low on big blinds should you stop defending your big blind with a complete with mid/lower tier defends 106off j6of 95of type hands. Was playing wsop events this summer and wasnt sure when I should stop defending and eaither shove/ folding. I assume around 19-12 bbs its too much too defend. Every big count, please correct me. Thank you for your time
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