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Short-Handed Nosebleed HH Review Part 4

Video by Patrik Antonius | Nov 7, 2014

Patrik kicks the video off with a heads-up hand against Phil Ivey. He then gets into some tricky spots against tough opponents in a mixture of short-handed FLHE and NLHE hands.


clericim over 4 years ago
Patrick's logic seems flawed in the 55 hand on the river (around 15 min mark)
He says if he checkcalls 55 he loses 3000$ but if he bets he sometimes wins.
But... if you checkcall and always lose - clearly you should checkfold. So the situation is not so simple - and the big question is how often villain will bluff river.

Not that I mind the bet... but I think you can't checkcall with an ev of losing 3000$ :) you would clearly just fold then and dodge all the hands that beat you.
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icantplay over 4 years ago
He means he loses a big bet against worst hands that would pay off his bet but value checkback, and that if they do happen to have better he's unlikely to get raised.
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Pokerarv56 over 4 years ago
I think Patrick logic made perfect sense, remember this is limit holdem. On the turn villiain checks behind, he will never do that with J or any higher pair. He could maybe have an 8, or of course any smaller pocketpair. Once the river comes Isildur1 has nothing(because he checked behind the turn), so Patrick only needs to worry about villain`s range.

He could have an 8, 10, maybe 4, AK, AQ, A10 or A9. And a a lot draws. Patrick has to check/call this river because in limit holdem, it is to risky to check/fold when you get those odds. Only suggetion would be a bet/fold, he could put villain on a 4 but that is the only hand. So if he checks, then all the hands Patrick beats will check behind 22, 33 and all is Ace highs and King high hands. So in contrary if he bets he gets value from all those hands. I think he played it great.
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clericim over 4 years ago
Again as I said - if all the hands patrick beats check behind, he should checkfold despite the odds - because he is always losing.
Bet might still be good I just didn't like the explanation
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