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Sunday $500 Sample

Video by Griffin Benger | Oct 11, 2014

In this week's Undergraduate video, Josh Brikis sits down with Griffin Benger to analyze Griffin's final table play in which he shipped a $74,430 payout.


Zanevski over 4 years ago
why u would not call 50k more wtih the 33 i dont understand:(
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dvo1ce over 4 years ago
imply odds was really bad
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Check_Razor over 3 years ago
You don't play the 33 for several different reasons:

1) He basically thought that he was nutted against a nitty 3-bettor.
2) Given that his assumption is correct, he'd basically be calling another 50K to set mine (with improper odds)
3) The button is short stacked and has little fold equity with any sizeable holding. Given the fact that Benger would've almost positively had to win a showdown to take the pot, calling a 3-bet OOP with 33 against a shorty is highly -EV.

Although you could argue that Benger should have 4-bet shoved in lieu of calling the 50K and taking a flop OOP, it would've been a horrible play as well. You don't risk 40% of your stack AIPF in, at best case, a race scenario against a weak player. Open/fold was by far the most reasonable play in this situation.
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