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Sunday Second Chance Part 3

Video by Kevin Vandersmissen | Sep 6, 2014

Civell continues to chip up in the third part of his series while explaining how his strategy changes as the big stack playing against a table full of shorter stacks.


Budoa2 over 4 years ago
So the reason for flatting 44 vs a 20bb stack is that you have a big stack yourself? Does not seem like such a good reason, could you elaborate on that a little more?
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MattDowler over 4 years ago
28 mins in, You say that 88 is right at the bottom of your range for 3bet/calling off. And with 77 you say you wouldn't 3bet/call off. Would you ever flat call with 77's or any pair below here considering you have position and you opponent is likely to cbet give up alot, due to his stack size??? How would you play 77 to 22 in this spot?

Thanks Matt
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