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Tilt Management

Video by curtains | Apr 12, 2014

Greg presents the tilt factor and how to keep it under control.


bob over 5 years ago
Really good video man. I enjoyed seeing a less-common perspective on this issue. (As in, someone that never really had tilt issues and why that is). Some of the stuff you mentioned, like always telling yourself This is why I am better than others, this is why I win when you saw others tilting, I've never really heard of other people doing that despite how much sense it makes. I also 100% agree that being able to manage emotion and tilt is just as important of a skill as any other in poker.

I know you asked for suggestions on topics to discuss, so here's one I always found interesting, and this also kind of ties into the whole tilt issue. How do you define your personal ego in poker? Is it better to have a big ego and therefore not doubt your abilities on tough days, or would you rather not see yourself as being bette than others? I know both sides have merit and no single approach is ultimately the best one, but I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on the matter as well as how you approach the issue when you play.

Anyways, keep up the good work!
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Greg29 over 5 years ago
audio is terrible please fix that, wanted to watch the vid but gave up quickly
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Stillmoves over 4 years ago
Is this video supposed to be for Master's only?
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Angelo over 4 years ago
Originally Posted by Stillmoves

Is this video supposed to be for Master's only?
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TheStudent over 4 years ago
If u want help with tilt issues I recommend reading some into mindfulness. I considered even making a video about it but I decided I am not qualified enough to do so. Youtube some for Jon Kabat Zinn at google (maybe I write that incorrectly) and Eckhart Tolle at google for an introduction.
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